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Michael Hug and this law firm is EXCELLENT. He is kind, caring, calm, intelligent, methodical, knowledgeable, thorough and very organized in his approach to your case. He is an stellar attorney, and you need not look any further if you are up against a difficult spouse--he is most definitely your man.
Kerri Phillips
Diligent and compassionate. Michael worked diligently on our very difficult and document heavy case. He was always prepared and always available for questions ect. He was successful in getting us primary custody and relocating my children to me from out of state. His main concerns were the safety and healthy development of my children!!! He's a great advocate!
Hands down the best! Mr. Hug is hands down the best. From the start he was super responsive and understanding. I spoke with many other Attorneys about my custody/child support case and just didn't feel the support from them. I knew, the day Michael and I had consultation, he was the one who could help me and my children, for the better. He understood the hardships I battled financially and would work with me. He made my custody case feel like family and not just another case/client. Michael, is on point with deadlines and reviewing everything before it is submitted. He doesn't do things in half, he goes all the way for you. Above and beyond.. He was quick to answer any questions and advise me on issues I struggled with at times with my ex husband. He made sure to keep me in the loop of everything. I never felt forgotten or in the dark. He fights hard for his clients.
Absolutely amazing!! Mr. Hug and his team went above and beyond with my case. They are awesome people. They have helped me with my divorce/custody case, they always kept me in the loop with what was going on and I would highly recommend. All around they are looking out for what is in the best interest for their clients. I am beyond satisfied with the work they do. If in the future I need more legal help I would chose them every time.
This was a divorce and custody case. In which we didn't know where my ex wife and daughter were and with many very difficult challenges Michel was able to find my daughter and get her home. I couldn't be more thankful. One of the best days in my life.
Amazing Michael, Wow he really truly works so hard for you and gets the work done as fast as possible! I highly recommend Michael, you won’t be disappointed.. He is great no surprises, keeps you informed the whole way throughout your process! Thank you so much and I will definitely use him again!
Michael is absolutely amazing! He goes the extra mile for his clients and gets the job done. He is very knowledgeable and if he doesn't know the answer he will find it. I have used him twice, once in a very complicated surrogacy gone wrong case. He had the other attorneys mouth hanging open, she literally said "I don't know what to say". Michael is simply amazing.
Jenn Windle
Mr. Hug is very knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel at ease knowing that he was working so hard on my case. In the end we won! I can't thank him enough!
Destiny Fernandez
I used Michael hug as my attorney when I was going back to court after my divorce for child visitation and support issues. I can't believe how knowledgeable he was with everything that I had to go through. He was exceptionally efficient and I didn't feel like I was just another client. I can't even imagine achieving what he did on my own. I was very happy with the services and payment options they offered. I would absolutely recommend him!
Amanda P
Michael Hug was a fantastic lawyer for our case. He is knowledgeable of child custody law and fought day and night for our case. Not only did we get what we wanted in the outcome but he was financially fair in the process. I would recommend him as a lawyer any day and will only use him if those services are required.
Professional and very flexible office with the appointments they offer. I was in a very bad situation and Michael Hug's office was so compassionate and was there every step of the way for me and my kids. He offered a payment plan that was helpful and affordable. If I had to, I would use them again.
Marie K
Michael A. Hug, has been a wonderful lawyer he helped me with a custody an child support matter an we won! He made sure to inform me of everything an didn't miss a beat! Michael an his paralegal work wonderful as a team they provided me with helpful resources as well as sharing knowledge about the law. I strongly recommend him as lawyer you will not be disappointed I know my family and I have been satisfied from the start.
Michael is an amazing attorney!!! When I first contacted Michael I was discouraged and wasn't sure I'd have the opportunity to see my children more than I was allotted at that time. I had spoken with numerous attorneys over the phone. One phone call with Michael and I knew he was the guy I needed. Michael runs a smaller operation with less clientele so that he can focus on each case and each client. This is something rare in today's law offices. He is prompt when responding to e-mails or texts (like right away!!!) He was available to answer any and every question I had and believe me there were a lot. Not only did Michael fight for me to see my children more he delivered in the end. I have recommended Michael to friends and family members going through child custody battles and will continue to do so. Michael has amazing morals and beliefs which matched up perfectly with mine! Thank you to Michael A Hug job well done I couldn't have accomplished what we did without you!!!
I had less then two weeks to get my case in order and these guys went out of their way as well as working on Sunday's would recommend them to anyone!!!
James Fulgium
I hired Attorney Michael Hug in 10/2016 for a DUI. He is an excellent attorney and worked diligently on my case. Michael found discrepancies in the officers statements that lead to a great advantage for me. Michael made sure I understood and went over every detail with me. He always answered my phone calls, texts, or emails promptly. Michael is a very professional attorney that works hard for his clients. He did an awesome job and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you Michael Hug!!!
I hired another attorney on my case and it was a disaster. I was not kept informed and after handing over lots of money was told I should take a plea. I then hired Michael Hug and have had the best experience ever! The time he took was unbeatable and he was so caring throughout the whole horrible mess. I have dealt with a lot of Attorneys in my lifetime and I have never experienced such a knowledgeable, responsive, caring Attorney who kept me informed at all times. If he did not know an answer to a question I asked he took time to research it and become knowledgeable on the subject and then promptly let me know. Michael always was very clear with me the pros and cons of all aspects of my case and I was not in the dark about anything which made me able to choose how I wanted him to proceed in my case. The outcome was they dropped the charges on me. I highly recommend him to anyone. My son has sent others that he knows who have had legal problems and they all have come back to my Son and thanked him as Michael Hug represented them extremely well. I honestly can not say enough good things about him. He has restored my faith in Attorneys.
Michael is a one of a kind lawyer! He has been representing me through my custody case and still is. As stressful as a custody battle is, I sleep well at night knowing he is fighting for me. I have had to deal with two frivolous temporary protection orders that were filed to keep me from my daughter and he made sure both of them were dropped. You can always trust that Michael will go above and beyond to make sure things work out in your favor. He is a genuine person and will work for you day and night. I also can’t forget to mention his paralegal, Robin. The two of them are an AWESOME team!!! Michael has also worked with us financially and tries his very best to keep your costs down. I couldn't be happier with Michael A. Hug and strongly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance. Michael and Robin we love you guys!! The Adams Family
In my experience, Michael Hug is truly a miracle worker. I did not start shopping for a divorce lawyer until about a week before my court date. Every law firm I called told me it was too late, and even if they took my case, because of the custody issues it would be expensive. I gave up hope until Michael returned my call (on the weekend!). He assured me my case was not a lost cause, that we still had enough time to prepare (3 days at this point), and he would not charge an exorbitant rate. He succeeded in court and bought the time we needed to build a more effective case. Before the next court date, Michael had negotiated a settlement with my wife giving me custody of our daughter. Michael is a kind person with a gentle sense of humor. He truly cares about his clients and gets involved, and it shows in his work. He kept me informed of everything at every step. He worked with me on payments, as well. He is not a "bulldog" or "bear" - he is an honest, talented lawyer who works hard and is good at what he does. He delivered much more than he promised.

Michael took over my highly contested divorce case about two months in. He started out facing my hostile spouse and his attorney, and a custody issue that was complicated because of educational concerns.

His knowledge and experience have been an enormous help to me. The case is still contested, and we are still dealing with a hostile spouse and his attorney, but he has protected my interests and continues to do so. We're at a point now that if we go to court, I am confident that Michael will protect the best interests of my children and myself.

Michael and his team are very approachable, and make a point of understanding exactly what it is that their clients want. But they are also very honest in advising about possible scenarios, so that you can make informed decisions.

It is not just a job for him. He really cares about the best interests of his clients. I especially like that Michael is very open to fair settlements and negotiations and most definitely not in favor of driving up legal fees by unnecessary litigation.

He is very flexible with timings and incredibly prompt in replying to communications. He also worked with me on payments.

We went in with what seemed like a near impossible case with me, a father, trying to get custody of his 2 kids. Michael took the case, worked with us on payments and 2 weeks later court has finalized custody issue and I now have full custody of my kids.
Michael was more than I could have asked for in an attorney. Thanks to him I was able to gain custody of my 2 children from their abusive father. It's because of him that my children are safe and healthy. He was flexible with my schedule, prompt in his actions, affordable, and very professional. I would highly recommend him to any one in need of a family lawyer, as I am highly satisfied.
Mr. Hug represented me in a Motion to Restrict parenting time. He was very responsive and showed up prepared for the emergency hearing that ultimately gave me 100 percent protection for my small children. I would recommend Mr. Hug for any family law service as he is very professional. Mr. Hug was very understanding and affordable with fees and costs.
Thankful Father
Mike Hug did a fantastic job with my child support case. His superior preparation and knowledge about law helped me feel comfortable during the whole process. Lastly, he was cost effective and worked with me on a payment plan. I would recommend Mike to anyone ! Thank you